Jukebox Heart 014: The Secret Alphabet of Jukebox Heart

One of the most fun and adventurous so far, this edition of the Jukebox Heart Podcast requires a bit of a warning for language and adult content. But I’ll talk about that at the approrpriate moment. For now, let it be said that this installment of Jukebox Heart covers a lot of ground, from Perfect Pop to Raucous Rock to Cerebral Seduction to Ekstrapolated Eksperimantalism and the entire continuum between. The most perfect and fitting image for this podcast blog entry was provided with enthusiasm from my old friend Shawn Syms. Thank you Shawn. Everything you touch turns to gold.

As usual, the playlist is below and contains as many links to the artists and labels as possible, Below the cut, the playlist is expanded to show imagery and information about the releases included here. Please feel free to do more research on any of the material presented here, and write back to me with your comments.

In addition, Check out the updated Press To Play feature, avaialble only at the website, featuring an archival WZBC radio program from September 19, 2001 and music of Bourbonese Qualk and related bands. Four videos as well, including our very own BLK w/BEAR, Animal Collective, Nurse With Wound and exciting reunion concert footage of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks.

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Jukebox Heart 014: The Secret Alphabet of Jukebox Heart.


Cyberphobe – Hallo (extract)
(Various Artists – Free Spech For Sale, no label, 2002)

David Grubbs – Don’t Think
(Rickets and Scurvy – Drag City 2002)

The Burning Paris – Building My Own COffin
(The Burning Paris – Magic Bullet, 2003)

Charles Hayward and Nick Doyne-Ditmas – My Secret Alphabet
(My Secret Alphabet – Sub Rosa 1993)

Stop Children – Medicine Head 24 Hour (extract)
(Various Artists – Free Spech For Sale, no label, 2002)

The Fakes – Safety Cuts
(Real Fiction – Chainsaw 1993)

Slumber Party – Electric Ocean
(Musik – Kill Rock stars)

Le Tigre – Mediocrity Rules
(From The Desk of Mr. Lady – Mr. Lady 2000)

Lifestyle – It Doesn’t Mean That I Don’t Love You (If I Forget To Call You Back)
(Frontier – Archenemy 2002)

Reggae Death Squad – Gek Op Mac Donald’s (extract)
(Various Artists – Free Spech For Sale, no label, 2002)

Flin Flon – Shuffleboard
(Boo Boo – Teenbeat 1999)

Mental Health Hotline Clip

The Go-Find – Over The Edge
(Miami – Morr Music 2004)

Moving Units – Scars
(Dangerous Dreams – Rx Records 2004)

Jima – All He Sees is You (extract)
(Various Artists – Free Spech For Sale, no label, 2002)

Komeda – Flabbergast
(What Makes It Go – Minty Fresh 1997)

Panda and Angel – Ohio December 24th
(Panda and Angel – Jade Tree 2006)

King Of Woolworths – Bakerloo (main titles)
(Ming Star – Mantra 2001)

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Jukebox Heart 013: Kill Yr Jukebox

Jukebox Heart 013: Kill Yr Jukebox
1:12 | 68.3 MB

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Has it really been three months since I posted a full-length Jukebox Heart mix? What a slug… Well, we’re back with another. Getting right down to it, I think this edition of Jukebox Heart is one of the most fun to date. At least, I had fun listening, programming and mixing it down. Just in time for the holiday weekend, make sure you listen to this with headphones on and 74 minutes to kill. In addition, I’ve posted four new video clips. Click on the above icons to watch videos by Kraftwerk, The Names, Medium Medium, and The Bush Tetras. And another vintage radio program can be heard by clicking on the Press to Play tab above. To listen to the podcast on line, click the arrow above and it will start automatically. To download it for your very own, set your browser options to download mp3 files and click here. Then click on the WAV conversion tab above for instructions on how to burn it to CDR to play in your car. You never need be far way from Jukebox Heart.

Dead Jukebox
Can you identify the missing piece?

Here’s the Kill Yr Jukebox playlist. Click on the “Continue Reading” link below for images and
lots more info about each track.

Franco Battiato – Cafe-Table-Music
(Artis CD, 1996 reissue of 1977 classic LP)
This track was divided into five excerpts and used as interludes throughout this edition of Jukebox Heart.

Battiato Interlude 1

Keren Ann – Not Going Anywhere
(Not Going Anywhere CD, Metro Blue 2005)

Barbara Manning – Lover’s Leap
(In New Zealand CD, Communion 1999)

Backyard Mechanics – Deshabille-toi
(BYMFL cassette, Burning Press 1985)

His Name is Alive – Your Bones
(Detrola CD, Silver Mountain 2005)

Battiato Interlude 2

Say Hi To Your Mom – Blah Blah Blah
(Impeccable Blahs CD, Euphobia 2006)

The Human League – Love Me Madly
(Secrets CD, Ark21 2001)

Colder – Wrong Baby
(Heat CD, Output 2005)

Dim Dim – Chooby
(Bounce CD, Audio Dregs 2005)

Battiato Interlude 3

Future Bible Heroes – You Pretend To Be The Moon
(Memories of Love CD, Slowriver 1997)

Charlene – Ripoff
(Charlene CD, Shark Attack! 2006)

Dykehouse – Map Reference 41 N 93 W
(Idol Tryouts Compilation, Ghostly International 2003)

Relay – Safe
(Type/Void CD, Bubble Core 2006)

Battiato Interlude 4

Be Your Own Pet – Bunk Trunk Skunk
– Bicycle, Bicycle, You Are My Bicycle
(Be Your Own Pet CD, XL Recordings 2006)

Seconds – Sister8MySon
(Kratitude, 5RC CD 2006)

Erase Errata – Giant Hans
(Nightlife, Kill Rock Stars)

The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa – Sweet Abyss
(Susurrate CD, Reflex 1992)

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – Lesley Gore on the TAMI show!
(Town Topic CD, Tomlab 2008)

Animal Collective – Prospect Hummer
(Prospect Hummer, Fat Cat 2005)

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Jukebox Heart 012: Because That’s The Way We Roll at Jukebox Heart

Jukebox Heart 012: Because That’s The Way We Roll at Jukebox Heart
70:02 | 65.7 MB

Finally, the next full-length mix is available from Jukebox Heart. It’s a great mix of styles and moods, and it really reflects what’s been playing at the house, in the truck and in the office lately. Pay attention for clues in the mix about the title…

Starting with this issue of Jukebox Heart, you will be able to download artwork to print for a jewel-case package; a CD label, tray card and 2-panel booklet. It’s in the zipfile downloadable HERE.

In addition to the new mp3 mix, there is a new Press To Play uploaded, featuring a vintage radio program in three parts, from February 2001, when the world was a different place – or was it? The full WZBC experience is in place, including the funky transmitter noises that plagued us at the station for years.

Also, four new raveclips are up, including videos from Baxter, Bruce Gilbert (THE Bruce gilbert, of Wire fame), Spacer, and a video from recent Screamer of the Day band, The Dining Rooms. You can only access these features by visiting the blog at JukeboxHeart.com.

Finally, join me in celebrating the first anniversary of Jukebox Heart! Our first post went up on August 16, 2007…

Jukebox Heart 012 Playlist:

1. Lemon Jelly – Space Walk (Space Edit)
2. Ballboy – One Sailor Was Waving
3. New Order – Ceremony
4. Jesu – Star
5. Tarentel – Bump Past Cut Up Through Windows
6. The Books – None But The Shining Hour
7. Cex & Nice Nice – Los Angeles
8. DAT Politics – “-“
9. Mouse On Mars – Sui Shop
10. Lazyboy – The Manual (Chapter 4)
11. Air – La Femme d’Argent
12. Capitol K – Anon
13. Eyeless In Gaza – To Cry Mercy
14. Drowsy – Bright Dawn
15. Lullatone – Pitter Patter Interlude
16. Beequeen – On The Road To Everywhere

Images, Links and more info below the cut.

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Jukebox Heart 011+: Oh Pity Us Who Forget To Include Track Information In Our Podcasts…

It occurred to me, perhaps a bit too late, that I did not include any information on the selections in
Jukebox Heart 011: Oh Pity Us Who Still Believe In The Revolution. So, I’m including it now.

This podcast was indeed a simultaneous statement and indictment of my own personal politics. I generally keep my politics to myself, engaging in discussion only with people who have some meaning and relevance in my life. I don’t believe in proselytizing to put an agenda forth on anyone. Rather, I choose to live my life as an example of my politics and let people interpret as they are able. In any case, that all having been said, here’s some info about the music you heard in JBH011.

Coco Steel and Lovebomb – Harlem
(em:t 0094 – em:t records cd 1994)

Though Coco, Steel & Lovebomb grew out of the techno community, the group blends elements of garage, soul and disco with only an ambient-techno blueprint. After Coco (aka Chris Mellor) began DJing at the Brighton club Zap, his acid-house sets grew popular in the wake of the late-80s house explosion. With partner Steel (aka Lene [Stokes]), and Craig Woodrow (aka Lovebomb), he formed Coco, Steel & Lovebomb After taking three years to record debut album It!, they released it in 1994. An ambient outing, New World, followed in 1997, and that is my favorite work of theirs. This track is representative of their more ambient work. But their “Set Me Free” trackis probably their most recognizable, if you are a club goon… The label, em:t, is a wildly collectible imprint, with copies of their first-gen releases bringing in hundreds of dollars. They went bankrupt in 1998 and everything suddenly went out of print. The were one of the first to use the legendary Designer’s Republic firm for their branding. The second generation “em:t records”, which is discussed in the website, has already been launched and folded after a handful of releases. For more information about like minded music, try this mailing list.

Locust – Morning Light/Just Like You
(Morning Light – Apollo CD 1997)

Locust (not to be confused with US band “The Locust”) is one of the many projects of London musician and one of my personal heroes, Mark van Hoen.Visit his website and listen to some of the clips from the many albums shown there and you will begin to understand why. He has also produced some familiar bands like Mojave 3, Sing Sing, Scala (oh, yes!), Velma and Edison Woods. Vocals on this were performed by the wonderful Craig Bethel, whose recent album, A Day Full Of You, A Night Tired Of Me, is out now and prioduced by Mark…

Not Drowning, Waving – John Wayne Visits Port Augusta
– Hibakush
– Once LIke This
(Another Pond – Rampant LP 1984)

Not Drowning, Waving, were a musical group formed in Melbourne, Australia in 1983 (though they first performed as a group in 1984) by David Bridie and John Phillips. Their music combined elements of rock, ambient music and world music; their lyrics dealt with characteristically Australian topic: word-pictures of landscapes and people, the seasons, and some political issues (such as Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor). Their name is derived from Stevie Smith’s poem “Not Waving but Drowning”. In the 1980s, Not Drowning, Waving visited Papua New Guinea playing several concerts and meeting George Telek with whom they would record the Tabaran album. Not Drowning, Waving were the support band for Peter Gabriel on his first and only tour of Australia in 1994. The group disbanded in 1994 but Bridie and Mountfort continued to perform with their successful offshoot venture My Friend The Chocolate Cake which they had formed in 1989. November 4 2001 saw a short reunion of Not Drowning, Waving at the Corner Hotel in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond for the launch for the book ‘Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock’. On February 28 2003, they reunited again for The Morning Star Concert For West Papua at the Melbourne Concert Hall. The reunion was rekindled in earnest for several months starting in March 2005 when the band, together with George Telek, performed twice at the 2005 WOMADelaide festival. Several other performances followed – at the 10th Fest’Napuan in Port Vila, Vanuatu; the Corner Hotel in Richmond, Australia; and the Northcote Social Club, Northcote, Australia. The band’s final show with the full lineup (as listed above) took place at Festival Melbourne2006 in the Alexandra Gardens, a free concert for Melbourne’s Commonwealth Games celebrations on March 25 2006.

Six Twilights – Tonight I’m Letting You Drive
(Six Twilights – Own Records CD 2007)

Six Twilights is a music and video project by Aaron Gerber of the Portland based band A Weather.
The music is a collection of carefully recorded bits of hushed, delicate male and female vocals, warm acoustic guitars and melancholy piano all rearranged in non-repetative patterns which sometimes resemble songs in the traditional sense and sometimes veer more towards ambient electronic atmospheres. The accompaning DVD is a visual conterpoint to the music: tiny moments of nostalgic, essentialized forms swaying and bending to the warm rushes of sound. I bought this because it looked intertesting and I trust my instincts. What a prize…

Liquorice – Drive Around
(Listening Cap – 4AD LP 1995)

Liquorice was a kind of indy superstar band featuring Dan Littleton of Ida, Trey Many of His Name is Alive and Jen Twomey of Grenadine, Tsunami and, well, Jennifer Twomey. :) Produced and Recorded by Warren Defever. This wonderful album got inexplicably rotten reviews, but I get the feeling they were written by those who could not possess Ms. Twomey. That’s the only kind of subtext that would explain some of the drivel I’ve read about this.
And Liquorice moving to 4AD for this was a coup, given Warren D.’s connections there via his own band, and the Trey Many link as well. This whole album is filled with a wry sense of humor as well as a surrender to romance – a fabulous combination.

Low – I Remember
(Immune – Tugboat 7-inch 1999)

This is the rare non-LP alernate version, sung by her rather than him…

Force.Fed – no title
(Various Artists – Infiltrate 6 – Rice and Beans LP 2004)

First, I left the title out of the original bl0g entry: Microthoughts For System Format.
I don’t know much about this project, except that it is shrouded in mystery and one of the projects of Skymall. Rice and Beans, the imprint, has an interesting history. It is a Beta Bodega Coalition label, and operated from 2000 to 2005. Originally, Rice And Beans was a short lived t-shirt line started in early 1996 by La Mano Fria and Lord SP, ended in 1997. Brought back again in 2000 to serve as a record label for BBC. Rice And Beans also had its special series, Rise And Defeat. After completing mission, label was deactivated in 2005, returning in 2006 to original duties, to carry a social and political message through La Mano Fria t-shirt designs. Today, Rice And Beans is the official clothing line of Beta Bodega Coalition, based and manufactured in BBC chapter RL66 headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

The Fleetwoods – Care So Much
(45 – Liberty Records 1959)

A totally groovy 45 with some funky background stuff. First, this is the flipside of the 45 shown in the original blog entry. “Come Softly To Me” was first pressed by Dolton (aka Dolphin) records, a Seatlle based imprint. While the Fleetwoods first record, “Come Softly To Me” was such a big hit, it was the first record put out by the imprint. Dolton was so overwhelmed by the demand for the record that it had to be picked up by Liberty for distro. Despite this, the label is probably best known for The Ventures. The Fleetwoods were way ahead of their time. Their arrangement owes more to the background beat culture (bongoes and acoustic guitar only) than to any of the commercial pop music of the time. The flip, “Care So Much” is featured here, and juxtaposed wth a current song with similar arrangement sensibility. And given the repressed tenor of the times, pictures of the group featuring group members Gretchen and Barbara hanging off each of the arms of Gary, dressed in a sailor’s uniform, sent rumors flying. The fact that the title of the hit song featured the word “Come” had people whispering and giggling around jukeboxes nationwide. In a recent interview, Gretchen and Barbara both expressed their horror, when, at the tender age of 20 years, revealed that they didn’t understand all of the controversy and that they had no idea of “that meaning” of the word. Uh-huh. Yes, it’s pretty hilarious…

The Boats – I’m Talking Facts, Not Shit
(Tomorrow Time – Moteer CD 2006)

The Boats features Craig Tattersall, one of the members of Hood, The Remote Viewer and The Famous Boyfriend — all staple bands in the Jukebox Heart world. Unfortunately, all of their releases appear to be out of print and dreadfully collectible – you really gotta jump on these when they come out. I managed to pull this one out of a clearance bin for a couple of bucks. The label itself is run by the folks in The Remote Viewer and carries on with all the charm you’d expect…

Helios – A Rising Wind
(Ayres – Type Records LP 2007)

It hasn’t been long since Keith Kenniff’s gorgeous collection of gauzy, cinematic sound-poems, Eingya slipped into the consciousness. In a short space of time, the Boston-based multi-instrumentalist has become awash with acclaim and been invited to perform numerous live dates around Europe, something which gave life and inspiration to this latest collection of work. Those who managed to catch him on the most recent tour will already be aware that Keith has just taken up his most breathtaking instrument yet — his voice, and Ayres is his first exploration of this new-found talent. Eingya, his previous effort, managed with the simplest of means to show just how crushing Keith’s songwriting was, but here he pieces together five gorgeous “songs” and one inspired cover with devastating results. Combining his many musical loves, Keith manages somehow to bring in the warring elements of indie-pop, experimental electronics, folk and world music, resulting in a sound which is distinctly his own; these might be songs in the traditional sense, but there’s little traditional about the way they have been produced. Decaying synthesizer sounds trip up over carefully strummed guitars and expertly carved percussion — take opening track “A Rising Wind,” which is maybe the most effortless display of Keith’s talents; this is a slow burning epic, beginning with the simplest of sound-palettes and growing into a jubilant dream-pop masterpiece. Elsewhere, standout track “The Obeisant Vine” blends the hazy nostalgic electronics of Brian Eno with the songwriting heart of The Innocence Mission, leaving you gasping for more. By the time the mini-album ends with a cover of “In Heaven,” that song from David Lynch’s seminal Eraserhead, you realize you have spent half an hour in Helios’ world, and it’s a world you’ll want to escape to again and again.

The Last Poets – True Blues
(Jazzoetry – Douglas LP 1975)

Originally released in 1975, the Last Poets (who took their name from a poem by South African poet Willie Kgositsile) used the term ‘Jazzoetry’ to describe their own syncopated style of politicized, jazz-laced spoken word, unwittingly laying the groundwork for the entire hip hop genre. The group used their hard-hitting proto-rap verses to teach solidarity and condemn America’s inherent racism, a position that earned them FBI surveillance.

Brooklyn Funk Essentials – The Revolution Was Postponed Because of Rain
(Cool and Steady and Easy – Dorado CD 1994)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials were a musical group who mixed jazz, funk, and hip hop collective featuring musicians and poets from different cultures. The band was conceived in 1993 by producer Arthur Baker and bassist and musical director Lati Kronlund. In the mid-1990s the group became a staple of the New York City club scene.
Their debut album Cool and Steady and Easy (1994) scored an underground hit with the rendition of Pharoah Sanders’ “The Creator Has a Master Plan”. The following album, In The Buzz Bag (1998), included Turkish folk music rhythms and instruments, recorded in consortium with the Turkish clarinettist Hüsnü ?enlendirici.

Golden Palominos – The Ambitions Are
(Dead Inside – Restless CD, 1996)

The Golden Palominos were an American musical group headed by drummer and composer Anton Fier, first formed in 1981 either after or during his tenure with The Feelies, I’m not quite sure of that. Apart from Fier, the Palominos membership was wildly elastic. While the Palominos records usually featured a core set of musicians and emotional feel though the bulk of an album, various guest appearances would result in some stylistic changes from track to track. This particular GP release is particularly disturbing in its images of violence, deception and brutality coupled with the claustrophobic illbient-era slow, pounding beats. Nicole Blackman has the perfect voice for the delivery of this imagery and her sense of rhythm is impeccable, even if the mix is a little heavy.

Ted Milton/Andreas Gerth/Paddy Steer – Oh Pity Us
(Oh Pity Us – Hausmusik LP 2000)

Ted Milton (Blurt), Andreas Gerth (Ogonjok, Tied & Tickled Trio) and Paddy Steer (ex-Biting Tingues) all come together for this brilliant EP. Ted Milton is founding member of Blurt, and has a susbtantial body of music in his own name as well.

Letters Letters – Dealer Dealer
(Letters Letters – Type Records 2007)

This is the debut album from Montreal/Chicago trio Letters Letters, a band made up of veteran electronic music producer Mitchell Akiyama, singer Jenna Robertson and producer/singer Tony Boggs. Mitchell Akiyama has been an active part of the music scene for some time now as a solo artist, label boss and collaborator with various other musicians, most notably with Boggs (as Désormais) and Robertson (as Avia Gardener), but this is the first time the three musicians have put their heads together and created something which absolutely defies their earlier work. Turning electronic music and post-rock on its head, Letters Letters instead decided to look to the early ’80s. With broken synthesizers, fizzled-out drum machines and the usual arsenal of guitars and overdriven amplifiers, they managed to figure out a perfect pop formula. Taking the usual hooks and choruses and feeding them through a mire of grimy effects, they ended up with something flickering and desperately neon-colored. Music for day-glo wrist bands and basement parties, this is a fresh take on the DIY lo-fi scene, and even if the whole fanzine culture has broken down, making way for blogs and webzines, it doesn’t mean we have to lose touch with the grittier side of life. Touching on themes as diverse as sex, drugs and the all-important unicorn scene in Blade Runner, there shouldn’t be any reason not to usher Letters Letters into your life immediately.

Dog Faced Hermans – Keep Your Laws Off My Body
(These Deep Buds – Alternative Tentacles CD 1994)

Formed in Scotland in the mid-’80s, Dog Faced Hermans began as a close cousin to the jittery, semi-atonal Ron Johnson Records sound, with a few curious fillips: vocalist Marion Coutts, a striking onstage figure with trumpet and distinctive gestures, sang curious intellectual-poetic lyrics (“Enzymes do the protein march/Hm baa hm baa hm baa hm baa,” began their first EP), and the band — Colin on bass, Wilf playing a drum kit augmented with metal scraps and Andy (later of the Ex as well) getting all kinds of strange noises out of his guitar — were liable to break into an old folk song. The disc collecting their first two EPs and a single finds them not quite in their groove, though it’s got a couple of DFH classics: the gleeful “Mary Houdini” and covers of “John Henry” and the WWII Italian partisan song “Bella Ciao.” By the turn of the decade, they’d relocated to Amsterdam and released a superb single, the never-on-album “Time Bomb” (no relation to the EP). Their close association with the Ex resulted in a joint tour of Europe, a split cassette and “Stonestamper’s Song,” a tremendous collaborative single recorded under the name Ex Faced Hermans.

März – Blaue Faden
(Wir Sind Hier – Karaoke Kalk LP 2004)

A relatively obscure – and fantastic – project by the famed and prolific German producer and musician Ekkehard Ehlers.

Jukebox Heart 011: Oh Pity Us Who Still Believe in the Revolution

Oh Pity Us Who Still Believe in the Revolution.
69.8 MB | 74:26

I believe in the Revolution.
We have routed out the old tyrants,
and now we have new tyrants.
But still, I believe in the revolution.
The spoils have been grabbed by businessmen,
middlemen, financiers, salesmen, operators, manipulators…
but the revolution must continue…

Coco Steel and Lovebomb – Harlem
(em:t 0094 – em:t records cd 1994)

Locust – Morning Light/Just Like You
(Morning Light – Apollo CD 1997)

Not Drowning, Waving – John Wayne Visits Port Augusta
– Hibakush
– Once LIke This
(Another Pond – Rampant LP 1984)

Six Twilights – Tonight I’m Letting You Drive
(Six Twilights – Own Records CD 2007)

Liquorice – Drive Around
(Listening Cap – 4AD LP 1995)

Low – I Remember
(Immune – Tugboat 7″ 1999)

Force.Fed – no title
(Various Artists – Infiltrate 6 – Rice and Beans LP 2004)

The Fleetwoods – Care So Much
(45 – Liberty Records 1959)

The Boats – I’m Talking Facts, Not Shit
(Tomorrow Time – Moteer CD 2006)

Helios – A Rising Wind
(Ayres – Type Records LP 2007)

The Last Poets – True Blues
(Jazzoetry – Douglas LP 1975)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials – The Revolution Was Postponed Because of Rain
(Various Artists – Dorado CD 1994)

Golden Palominos – The Ambitions Are
(Dead Inside – Restless CD, 1996)

Ted Milton/Andreas Gerth/Paddy Steer – Oh Pity Us
(Oh Pity Us – Hausmusik LP 2000)

Letters Letters – Dealer Dealer
(Letters Letters – Type Records 2007)

Dog Faced Hermans – Keep Your Laws Off My Body
(These Deep Buds – Alternative Tentacles CD 1994)

März – Blaue Faden
(Wir Sind Hier – Karaoke Kalk LP 2004)

…but the revolution was postponed because of rain.

The underlying immediate, political, socio-economic
and trigger mechanism causes were all in place when
some nee-gro or the other got hungry –
had to stop at the McDonald’s –
had to get on the line
with the new trainee cashier.
“uhh, where’s the button for the fries?”
so we missed the bus…

Then the leader couldn’t find his keys
didn’t want some poor ass moving
his brand new 20″ and VCR
out his living room on the shoulders.
It was too late when the locksmith came.

Then our demo expert Willie Blue got arrested.
came out with his head hanging under his hoody,
“Didn’t know they started doing that
for jumping the turnstiles,” he said.
“How many times must we tell you –
Don’t.. get.. caught.”
We voted against shootin’ him on the spot.

In the winter we were all depressed
so we leaned our guns against the sofas
and listened instead to Tim Tim Tiree
singing about his dysfunctions:
“Sometimes I wonder if ah’ll ever be free
free of the sins of my brutish daddee
Like the cheating, the stealing, the drinking, and the beating”. . .

The weatherman said the 17th would be sunshine
and it wouldn’t be too hot –
Tim Tim Tiree doesn’t like sweatin’
but that night the weatherman came on crying
saying he didn’t control the weather
that God was real
that he’s lucky He, God, didn’t strike him, the weatherman, with lightning
for taking the credit sometimes
and that he, the weatherman, was in no way responsible
for the hurricane coming
and that we, the viewers, should
pray Jesus into our hearts
before it was too late.

Superbowl Sunday was out.
all the women wanted to see the game,
and the men were pissed at their insensitivity.

The 20th was supposed to be a definite.
we looked for some Bastille to storm,
didn’t find any,
settled on the armory instead
before they moved the homeless in…
“We’ll bum-rush it anyway,” I said
“It smells like a collection
of a thousand farts in there,” they said
So we waited for the approval of the city
contract to build a Bastille
which set the revolution back five years.

Peace wanted to start the revolution on Tuesday.
She was in a pissed-off mood;
her tax return didn’t come in time for the rent.
But they showed the We Are the World video
on cable that evening
and we all held hands
and cried to stop from laughing
and our anger subsided.
Looking back, it could’ve been a plot,
but there are more substantive plots to expose
than the We Are the World conspiracy.

Now we wait for the rain to stop.
All forces on the alert,
some in Brooklyn basements
packed in between booming speakers
listening to Shabba Ranks and Arrested Development,
bogling and doing the east coast stomp,
gargling with Bacardi and Brown Cow,
breaking that monotony with slow movements –
slow, hip-grinding movements,
with the men breathing in the women’s ears to
Earth Wind & Fire’s Reasons
and wondering what the weather will be like
next weekend.

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Images after the cut…

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Jukebox Heart 010: The Jukebox Heart Singles and Lonely Hearts Club

Jukebox Heart 010:
The Jukebox Heart Singles and Lonely Hearts Club

56.8 MB | 60:35 Minutes

In a different world that feels like an eternity ago, the jukebox ruled any room it was placed in. Weekly rags once rated bars and restaurants on the basis of the selections on their jukebox. It was the single that provided the pulse that kept the jukebox alive. The Jukebox Heart Singles and Lonely Hearts Club appears periodically to pay respect to a format now relegated to collectors and niche markets. Each time, I scoop a batch of 45s laying around the house. You never know what your going to find here…

The playlist, images and a whole bunch of links are found after the cut.

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Jukebox Heart 009: Our Redemption Is Still In View

Jukebox Heart 009:
Our Redemption Is Still In View

59 MB | 64 Minutes

Arriving with Jukebox Heart 009 is a new look for the blog. While I thought the last blog was beautiful, its four column architecture was not at all image friendly. This new layout solves that problem and adds some interesting functionality to keep you busy while I make up the next podcast. The above four images will play a track when clicked. They are not functional yet, but will be soon. They were originally intended to be ad space, and I’m still in the process of subverting that code. Meanwhile…

Don’t Be Afraid.

…We made this fragile thing,
it was difficult to hold,
and maybe to belong
to the stubborn and the bold.
but i believe that I discern
a new and strange time,
when the thirsty will come drink
on the newness of this wine.
When nations boil over
and cities turn to dust,
and governance decays
in the crucible of lust,
we’ll still crawl forward
if that’s all that we can do,
with music to remind us
our redemption is still in view…

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Jukebox Heart 008: Grief and Knowing

Download Jukebox Heart 008
Grief and Knowing
73 MB | 80 Minutes

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It’s been awhile since I’ve had a podcast to post. This podcast, Grief and Knowing, is dedicated to my father, who passed away on January 19, 2008. The photo below is of my parents, taken before they were married, in 1943, while my father was still in the service.

It’s an admittedly eclectic playlist, which in itself is not unusual here at Jukebox Heart. But the songs are a lot more mainstream, and I will describe just why I picked each track in the essay below. The old songs were mastered for this podcast from original 78 RPM records, and in some cases, 45s, that my parents owned when they were younger. While these songs are common enough to obtain pristine copies in mp3 format, I felt it was important to use these original sources. The surface noise and other imperfections provide a history that is so much more important than the songs themselves. Those imperfections are a patina on the surfaces, formed after years of living with these records and using them and enjoying them. The distortions they bring remind us that all we have left are memories. As wonderful as they are, they are distorted by our own individual noise, and they degrade throughout the remainder of our lives.

The playlist, images and a whole bunch of links are found after the cut.

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Jukebox Heart 007: The Late Night Obsessions of Jukebox Heart

Jukebox Heart 007
The Late Night Obsessions of Jukebox Heart
64.7 MB | 69 Minutes

The new Jukebox Heart podcast is out now to provide you with 69 minutes of a continuous mix of music for your travels. Get it into your iPod quick before you leave to make your journey that much more palatable. Have a safe holiday, and stay up late with me and my late night obsessions…

The playlist and some notes are found after the cut.

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Jukebox Heart 006: At Home with Jukebox Heart

Jukebox Heart 006
At Home With Jukebox Heart
76.3 MB | 1:21:23

Sometimes, Jukebox Heart is a themed program of selections inspired by any of a number of notions. This week, Jukebox Heart is just a summary of what’s been hittin’ the decks at home all week. The image below is a collection of all the artwork for the tracks selected, and the playlist is below. Enjoy!

The playlist and images of the Jukebox Heart home and studio are after the cut…

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