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Another cultural barometer, 'zines represent DIY culture at its most basic: get an idea. Write it down. Get it in people's faces. Zines covered here run the gamut from hand-lettered/xeroxed 30 copy-runs to slick off-culture rags that capture my interest. Get reading...

exponentiation - eternal
fall of autumn - cool zine distro.
grrrlzines - GLBT & GRRRL zines.
magpie - UL based music/art/lit.
mungbeing - music, art, more zines.
not sorry - zines take on anti-fat bias.
stranger danger - DIY records and zines.
sweetpea - more quirky DIY zines.
tukru's zines - Miss Tukru Loves You.
zine scene - LJ blog about zines, the fans and the creators.
zinesters - zine email list.