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This page is a list of links pointing you to information and resources about 78 RPM records, from care and storage issues to resources for purchasing to images of impossibly rare items. Some listings may overlap with other categories.

A real resurgence of this fabulous medium is in full force at the moment. When various DJ turntable companies decided to add 78 RPM back into their high end turntables so that DJ's had that as an added effects tool, they were surprised to see the number of turntables selling outside of their predicted market. There is a warmth inherent in these records that is unique to the medium. And the object value of these records is obvious to anyone who has scanned the Ebay auction lists. The 78 is a deliciously musty personal fetish of mine. The image at left is the Holy Grail of postwar record collecting. I remember as a kid, collectors were offering thousands for a copy of this record in any format, but, by 1972, a copy had not yet surfaced. There are only a few known copies of this, and one of them is damaged.

78 needles - for proper playback of your 78 RPM records.
the 78RPM record home page - amazing resource.
the blue pages - guide to "privately pressed" party records.
nauck's vintage records - the most definitive resources.
phonoland: 78rpm - A virtual meeting ground for collectors.
sleeves - A source for protective sleeves and storage.