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Here is a list of recently added links. These will be archived in their respective categories, whose links are shown in [brackets]. These are links which have been added since the last update.

predicta TV - I want the "Meteor"! [Techno-Lust]
kittenpants - a hyperlink dump for addicts. [Web Culture]
zanorg - excellent french web designers [Web Culture]
zine links - new category. [zines and small press]
70slivekidvid - old kids' show emporium. [Whatever]
Jack the Jive! - Cab Calloway's hep-speak. [Whatever]
child stars! - where are they now? [Whatever]
japander - someone is always watching [Whatever] - vintage video games [Whatever]
old superstitions - a must [Whatever]
scopitones! - ultimate 60's! pre-mtv! [Whatever]
shrunken head museum - just what it says [Whatever]
zapatopi - protex your head. [Whatever]
eyebeam - the leading not-for-profit art and technology center in the US [Art]
stay honest - Cross-format media design. NY! [Design]
mutek - Fabulous global music and art [Web Culture]