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Here is where you will find links to our favorite musicians.

aaercl ung - electric. acoustic. quiet. loud.
allQuestions - all media products by John Duncan.
anna friz - canada public radio sampler. yowza.
area c - great space ambience from RI.
au revoir simone - pretty pretty words.
bmbCon - Dutch experimental music group BMBcon.
glenn branca - Ten Million Guitars and 25 years later....
captain beefheart - The Official Captain Beefheart website.
chris & cosey - Indispensible if you are a C&C fan.
cerberus shoal - The classic boston band.
die todliche doris - video comp of amazing german band.
elephant pixel - fave band so far 2007.
eric leonardson - homemade instruments.
ernst karel - premeditated & disruptive...careful!
flare - What's the sound of one heart breaking?
gameboyzz orchestra project - group utilizing gameboys.
hood - This is one of my favorite bands ever!
kilowatts - amazing work from texas.
plunderphonics - Musical Piracy. Look for John Oswald.
section 25 - The complete Section 25 band website.
sonic process - access to our favorite electronic musicians.
karlheinz stockhausen - lots of info and updates.
sylvain chauveau - analogs and discreets.
un drame musical instantane - French neo-classicism.
worst lp covers - what's your fave?