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On this page, you will find links to many Independent Record and CD imprints. These are small companies who produce records of the genre we love and who share the sensibility of innovative, interesting, expanding music. This is by no means exhaustive or concluisive! There is much to be researched out there, these are some of my favorites, though.

and more sound - The home of Camera Obscura.
ash international - famous subsidiary of Touch.
carpark - Jake Mandell, So Takahashi, Marumari, more.
cherry red - The Seminal 80s label. One of the Big Three.
cherry red labels - an extensive history of all related labels.
circonium - Site for the famed Berlin record label.
cold blue - Chas Smith and related recording artists.
constellation - God Speed You Black Emperor!
les disques du crepuscule - Exhaustive and thorough
darla - Little Darla has a treat for you!
elektrolux - the unity of sound and vision.
em:t records - defunct. again. sadness...
factory - Unofficial webiste for Factory records.Fabulous.
fallt - Mixed media...and we do mean mixed. Brilliant.
fat cat - essential.
fencing flatworm - Neil Campbell, Random Number, Klunk.
for4ears - Nachtluft et al. The jazz/industrial fusion thing.
hefty - Telefon Tel Aviv and those oh-so-rare 12" singles...
igloo - excellent eLabel. FREE downloads!
instinct - The classic ambient imprint.
jagjaguwar - SOUTH and DRUNK and more....
kranky - Chicago post-rock, Labradford and so much more.
liquid sound - ambient chill out techno loungey stuff.
manifold - A great mail order source for experimental music.
mego - the finest experimental and cross over techno.
mille plateaux - the entire family of labels.
parrot - the definitive Chicago blues label discog.
philles records - many mysteries solved.
piano - This Heat, David Cunningham, more.
raster-noton - Brilliant. "Clear Series". "20:00 to 2000".
rocket girl - Piano Magic, Fuxa, EAR, so much more.
RRRecords - RRRon Lessard's label, shop. The original.
skam - hideously rare sublabel of Warp.
smalltown supersound - Jazzkammer, Jaga Jazzist, more.
sordide sentimental - a must.
swim~ - Colin Newman, Malka Spigel, much much more.
touch - A personal favorite.
type records - touchlike.
vanity records - legendary!
warp - The gold standard of electronical labels.
zenapolae - new music, technology and politics.