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Ever since I was able to climb into my older brother's lap and watch the 45's spin on the "victrola", as my grandmother used to call it, I've been fascinated with this music. It's been a lifeling obsession, and working in a doo-wop specialty record shop in Brooklyn was my first job - at the tender age of 12. This page provides a set of links devoted to the preservation and advancement of the doo-wop musical style. You'll find links to all kinds of doo-wop related resources, such as the definition of doo-wop, links to downloadable music files, notable sales sites, collector pages and more.

Acapella - the home page for the group The Alleycats.
Doo-Wop Nation - Poorly designed informative eZine.
Doo-Wop Preservation League - Cultural organization.
DWPSSC - Doo wop Preservation Organization.
The Origin of Doo-Wop - how doo-wop gets its name.
Group Harmony - The mother of all doo wop sites.
Radio Doo-Wop - Doo-Wop radio around the country.
Rockin' Mania Jukebox - great on-line doo wop jukebox.
Roots and Rhythm - On-line doo-wop shop.
The Doo-Wop Jukebox - Download great doo-wop mp3s.
The Soul Patrol - Doo Wop /Soul eZine.
Top 100 Doo-Wops Of All Time!!! - Another on-line jukebox.