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Spawning from a conversation my sister and I had about the making of the movie "The Passion of the Christ," I became curious about the origins of our calendar, and the history of time management in general. Miss Grable graces this page since she is probably the most popular pin-up/calendar model of all time, and she just seemed appropriate.

I suppose I should have realized the fury with which many opponents to the Gregorian calendar carry on, especially after the hot debate over which year started the new millenium, 2000, or 2001. Here are a few places to go and get smart about these issues. In addition to recommending the books sitting at my bedside "A Brief History of Time," a modern classic by the brilliant theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and the collection of essays edited by Stuart Mc Cready called "The Discovery of Time," I've collected these links for your interest. It's kind of interesting that some people are trying to influence the adotpion of a 13-month calendar as if it is some sort of new idea. Read on...

Dump it! - advocates for losing the Gregorian calendar.
History - dull but thorough history of gregorian calendar.
Leap Year - How we got leap years.
Hebrew Calendar - A great intro to the lunar calendar.
History and Rules of the Hebrew Calendar - Very detailed.
Hebrew/Gregorian date conversion - a great utility.
Holidays - explanations fot Judeo-Christian holidys.
Mayan Calendar - they knew time better than anyone.
More on Mayans - an enormous amount of info .