A State of Flux Archive

Presented here is an archive of the independently operated label known as A State Of Flux. A State of Flux was based in Providence, Rhode Island, and operated from 1983 through 1993. The archive contains a listing of the published audio releases as well as the sponsored Actions during its ten year history. A State Of Flux operated as a grassroots organization producing music in-between-the-cracks. The output was very limited edition audio recordings plus sponsored performances – this was very much a cottage industry, and our cottages were largely the only places this music was ever heard. A few courageous disc jockeys around the world took up the cause of this music as well. Many years later, I’m building this archive from all that remains of the label: contents of dusty plastic cassette cases, file folders, shoe boxes and a locked file cabinet whose key was lost. Right click on each link below to download a zip file of the entire contents of each release, including images, all tracks in mp3 format and a track information text file. As each release is compiled and reconstructed, I will update the list to include a link for downloading. Consider this archive, at least for now, a work in progress.

The following is a list of the total output of A State of Flux. Bear with me as I continue to reconstruct each release and related archival materials to create a free zip file for you to download. I will update each listing and include an active link as it is ready. The list below is currently as complete as possible; catalog numbers missing from the list have no remaining archival material available and no trace of evidence as to what they were. Sad but true.

As noted below, some releases were remastered for on-demand CD-R availability. Those may be downloaded for free, but repackaged CD-R reissues are available as well, for $6 plus postage. Some releases are still available in their original format, and will not be made available here until they are sold out.

ASOF00: Various Artists – Channel 14
ASOF04: XCOMM Mail-art communique. (poster)
ASOF06: Le Momo – Withdrawing From The Species*
ASOF07: The Gossamer Years – The Dynamics of Static
ASOF08: Various Artists – Acquisition/Conversion
ASOF09: Concert Presentation: Etant Donnes (poster)
ASOF10: US Steel Cello Ensemble – In A State of Flux*
ASOF11: Concert Presentation: Monochrome Bleu (poster)
ASOF12: Due Process – In A State of Flux*
ASOF14: Monochrome Bleu – Eyes On Monochrome Bleu
ASOF15: Architectural Metaphor – The Julia Set (live)
ASOF16: Various Artists – Music From Matthias
ASOF17: Mystery Hearsay – radio Performance
ASOF18: John Hudak – Last Horseman
ASOF19: Deutsches Kulturgut – Zukunft 1 & 2
FLUX21: This Window – Thank You Saint Jude*
FLUX22: Concert Presentation: Zoviet France (poster)
FLUX23: Blackhumour – in performance
FLUX24: Small Cruel Party – Resin, Partched, Chthonic**
FLUX25: Schloss Tegal – Musick from Madness**
FLUX26: Illusion of Safety – The False Mirror*** (7″)
FLUX27: Concert Presentation: Trauma (poster)

*available on-demand CDR
**still available in its original format
***a few copies are still available