Jukebox Heart is exactly as it appears: music, and much ado about music.

Jukebox Heart is not striving to make any kind of new strides in journalistic excellence. There are many people more talented than me already doing that. Instead, this is more about my whims, documenting what is undoubtedly the soundtrack and slide-show of my life, with whatever happens to be on any one of my decks at the time (turntable, CD player, DVD player, mp3 player, cassette player, Mini-disc player, Et Cetera) open to unlimited deliberation. And there is precious little that doesn’t spend at least SOME time on one of my decks…

Jukebox Heart attempts to provide a cross-genre platform, mimicking the notion of freeform radio, as first identified in the early days of FM, updated for a new century.

It is not the intent of Jukebox Heart to deprive artists and labels of due revenue; instead we hope that the exposure of the music presented on this site will rally interest significant enough to eventually lead to legitimate re-issue of the works represented, or wider recognition of already available releases. If you have legal rights to any of the songs presented here, and want me to remove them, I will most certainly comply. But I will also ask that you consider the nature and the spirit of Jukebox Heart and the love of the music that is evident here before you make us remove your work. I will ask that you reconsider your position and instead consider the work done here to be free publicity donated at the expense of Jukebox Heart and allow us to keep your songs alive on Jukebox Heart.

Jukebox Heart, the title of this podcast, is culled from the title of a song recorded by one of my favorite artists ever. Mark van Hoen, in this case, leading the band known as Locust (NOT the same band as “The Locust” – which has its own interesting lineage.) penned the song, and it is included on the 1997 “Morning Light”, a true masterpiece of downtempo ambient electronic pop.

Full lyrics to the song:

Don’t you speak to her like that.
She’s just a crazy, mad girl,
with a jukebox heart.
Punching, whirring, singing tunes
that take her head apart.
But that doesn’t mean
that she can stop.
It’s all screwed tight as a knot.

So you adjust your sight,
and press the buttons right…

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