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  1. I read your Bassett Hand entry with interest – “Youm” is an inadvertent masterpiece of some kind (and far from the “worst record ever recorded” – that would probably be “Give Me Love,” the astonishing flip side of Rosie & The Originals’ “Angel Baby.” But I digress) . As you no doubt know by now, “Bassett Hand” is the fictitious name for arrangements by FGG. But you may not know that “Youm” is the backing track for The Powder Puffs’ “You Can’t Take My Boyfriend’s Woody.” It’s a raw and rather good girl-group/punk/garage hybrid when combined with the melody line, which you can hear “whispers” of on “Youm.” “In Detroit” was indeed meant to be the A side, but “Youm” seems to have caught the ear of a wide variety of music nuts. Anyway, thanks for posting this; I’ve had a copy since it was new and have played both sides on the radio “way back when.”

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