New Blogroll adds to check out.

I’ve added two new blog links the the Jukebox Heart family blogroll. Definitely check them out.

The Pehr Label blog is brought to us by the folks behind the struggling Pehr Records label. Their website promises they are just reorganizing and will be back sometime soon, but they’ve been gone way too long and it has definitely left a big hole in my poor little heart. The blog doesn’t talk much about the label, but it does present some insight about some of their artists.

I learned about No Longer Forgotten Music from reading the Phoenix Hairpins blog, and man do those guys dig deep into the musical obscurity abyss. This is a place to go to find ancient and long out of print underground noise cassettes – the kind you thoiught You’d Never Miss Until You Lost The Only Known Copy In Your World…and yes, that has happened to me. Last night I downloaded the Durchschnittsanfall double cassette release, originally released by Prion Tapes god knows how long ago; I was stunned to see it there. I had a copy once upon a time but it vanished during one of my moves from one state to another. So, yes, it’s a place to meet only the most obsessive among us. *wink* As I type this, they just uploaded “The Invisible Man” LP from Z’ev. That and Production and Decay are the only two I am missing. Guess where I’m going next…