iTunes question and other administrativia.

I have several podcatcher applications running, just to make sure that all the content I am putting out there makes it into your hands. I’ve recently noticed that if I post multiple files in a given blog entry, iTunes only publishes the first file it encounters.

Juice  (formerly iPodder) and others catch each of the files in every entry.

Any ideas on how to fix this in iTunes? I haven’t been able to find a switch in any of the iTunes settings options to fix this, so I have a feeling it is less obvious than I was hoping…


The other thing is that the feed service I am using only keeps the previous ten entries on available. I never remove any content from Jukebox Heart, and there is a lot more to be had than the last ten blog entries worth. To get access to all of it, especially if you are a new subscriber, you will have to visit regularly!