The Bloggerhood

Anyone who has ever run a blog, especially individual personal blogs, understands just what a love/hate relationship it is. You love getting your ideas across, you love exposing others to things YOU love, you love designing and redesigning your site, and you love feedback. You hate the fact that in order to make it happen requires work. A LOT of it. And it has to be consistent, because you can be forgotten about in a moment.

It’s no surprise that after a length of time doing it, individuals become discourage, lose interest or life itself just gets in the way and the fervor dies, and the new postings stop. Before long, entering the URL results in the sadness of seeing a “This Site Available!” ad with no forwarding address. Ugh.

So, it was time for Jukebox Heart to review our Bloggerhood – Who’s still here and who’s moved on. Who’s new, and who’s not so new but new to you.

Sadly, we say goodbye to Dick Destiny, IMotorAway, Little Hits, OxPopuli and Pehr. Pehr is especially painful because when they were in existence, they were also a wonderful independent label producing really great CDs.

I’ve added several others whose offerings will make you very happy. Welcome our new friends by clicking on the Bloggerhood menu in the sidebar at right and visiting our new friends and downloading something already! Welcome Ad Nauseum, Kapotte Muziek, Nostalgie de la Boue, and The Thing On Your Doorstep. As always, let me know if a link stops working, or if you have a great one you think should be on my list.