FM Broadcast: The Privilege of The Righteous

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Originally aired on 90.3 FM WZBC Newton, February 16, 2011
This is podcast #21.
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Free from static and jammed signals, his spirit error is fixed. Fixed in air with resolute intellect, he joins the community of the healed. He communicates the Love of God in the language of healing. He shall not be afraid. He shall not be moved. He is certain in his purpose. He has searched his soul for the new eternal answers. Soul-searching is actually personal goal setting in its infancy. The problem at hand is that for many people that infant never grows to maturity. Yet, he is a righteous man; he shall not be afraid of evil tidings. His heart is fixed. His spirit is fixed. iFixer v1.0. His soul is no longer broken.

Your faith may not fail. Situation ethics always supposes some kind of hypothetical circumstance in which there is no solution that is morally right. No temptation has overtaken you that hasn’t confronted anyone else in the past. The only way out is through. And I would walk through fire for you. Can I not, at least, expect the same in return? Herein lies the dilemma: what is not true?

Once you have experienced a failure of faith, nothing is ever certain again. Even the smallest incongruity is a suggestion of deception perpetrated by a figure of relative importance. You have been lied to, that is certain, but by whom? You exist in that realm of self-doubt where action is not necessarily governed by reason, where myth is often mistaken for knowledge and where truth has many interpretations. This is at once a place where one bridges gaps and assigns meaning according to one’s own personal science.

We understand exactly what it is we’re doing and what effect we’re having. We tend to accept the blame for problems that are not of our own making. We reconsider those assumptions which meaning and purpose to who we are and what we do. Prescriptive. Causal. Paradigmatic. In many ways we are our assumptions. We take actions on the basis of assumptions that are unexamined and we believe that others are reading into our actions the meanings that we intend. We justify what we do by thinking that the unconfirmed evidence of our own eyes is always accurate and valid. We build bridges and we wait for them to twist and collapse in the wind, like so many other shoes that drop at exactly the wrong time. We sit and quietly listen to an isolated moment. And we hope for the best.


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Featured Releases:

Brume – End of Symptom Dump

While Christian Renou, aka Brume, had a multitude of cassette releases predating this LP, this single side of an LP shared with La Nomenklatur was his first outing onto vinyl. It remains one of my favorites, and we chose to play this early piece as a Happy Birthday wish to him.


Sonic Youth – Simon Werner A Disparu

Just how a band can remain intact for thirty years and develop a signature sound which is continually updated to remain fresh is a one of life’s glorious mysteries. Receiving lots of mixed reviews, I’m personally grooving on a lot of the old school style material to be found here on which I cut my sonic teeth. This expands and augments a lot of the music made for the movie of the same title. It’s admittedly rough edged and demo-sounding, like most of the output on the band’s SYR imprint, but as such, ultimately, that is one of the more endearing qualities of this thing. We are loving it…


Last Trax:

Data Bank A: “Spiritus Sanctus”

Local (well, Lowell, anyway) artists loosely associated with Boston’s early 80’s post-industrial scene (see: The Oblique Collection and Drastic Perversions compilations.) Andy Szava-Kovats’ Data Bank A project began in 1983, releasing several cassettes and LPs before escalating to international attention. The track played tonight is culled from their recently released Greateas Hits collection but is also the title track to their debut cassette album. The image shown above is from the original cassette.



Robert Hampson “Umbra” from Vectors CD (Touch 2009)
Mountains “Map Table” from Choral CD (Thrill Jockey 2009)
Mountains “Telescope” from Choral CD (Thrill Jockey 2009)
Nurse With Wound “A New Dress” from A Bead to A Small Mouth LP (Barooni 1990)
Brume “End of Symptom Dump” from Split LP w/ La Nomenklatur LP (La Legende Des Voix 1989)
Sonic Youth “Simon Werner A Disparu – I” from the self-titled LP (SYR 2011)
Geist Erfahrer “Watery Return to the Children’s Land” from The Quiet Failings of Geist Ehrfarer CD (Backpack Evolution)
Merzbow “Kimigayo” from Anthems LP (Trax 1983)
Helios “Come With Nothings” from Caesura CD (Type 2006)
Cindytalk “Debris of A Smile” from The Crackle Of My Soul CD (Editions Mego 2009)
Near the Parenthesis “Good Night” from Music For The Forest Concourse CD (n5MD 2010)
Haammock “The Backward Step” from Chasing After Shadows, Living With the Ghosts CD ALBUM (Red Eye)
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words “Himmelscheibenden Herzen” from Lost In Reflections CD (Killer Pimp)
Sonic Youth “Simon Werner A Disparu – II” LP (SYR 2011)
The Caretaker “Petsistent Repetition of Phrases” CD (Install 2010)
Data Bank A: “Spiritus Sanctus” from The Best of Data Bank A CD (True Age Records 2010)

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