FM Broadcasts: The Antagony and the Ecstasy

a.k.a: Disambiguous Din, Disingenous Drums and Other Deleterious Dissimulations
Originally aired February 9, 2011
This is Podcast # 20.

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In acoustics and specifically in acoustical engineering, background noise or ambient noise is any sound other than the sound being monitored. Calling some signal or sound noise is often a subjective distinction. One person’s maximum-volume music listening pleasure might be another’s unbearable noise. By measuring the spatial relationships of elementary domestic sound, composition and construction is immediately assisted. In this case the product of the investigation is a sound level contour map. “We’re so conditioned to experience the world through our eyes that the other senses really suffer,” English says. “It’s always interesting to go into a space you know very well and then close your eyes.” The following objects use the seemingly trite sound of a door bell as its starting point to create and suggest alternatives to the generic sound-scapes of everyday life that we often take for granted. Money. Coffee. Cigarettes. Utopia.

And yet, I was desperate to rid myself of these irritating, annoying sounds. Cerumol ear drops. Earex ear drops. Otex ear drops. Nothing works. The pounding never stops. Pushing deeper, the eardrum buzzes. Fill your ears with wax and wicks. Burn the candle at both ends. Even before the 16 careening dancers come into view, even before the explosion of swirling, brilliant colors, you feel it. The drumming. The pulse of drumming rhythms hits in the chest, shivering and shimmering, the spine ignites. See the robot drummer who prefers playing drums to squashing humans like flies. This machine rages against you. Striker. Slider. Solenoid Motor. USB Connectivity and Wifi Compatible. His ardor never sours.

Here and now, the beat goes on. The lies expand into canyons. The canyons become streets. The streets are wet with the rain of days and glimmer with the lights of night. You cannot stop us. Our drumming is a blindsiding distraction making way for the soundless message of death. Unplug your ears; there will be no fireworks.

February 9, 2009. A quiet night at the Z. Long luxurious expanses of drums and madness. An icy cold night. The Antagony IS the Ecstasy…


Locust “Jukebox Heart” from morning light CD ALBUM (Apollo)
Locust “Folie” from Morning Light CD ALBUM (Apollo)
Dirtbombs “Bug in The Bass Bin” from Party Store CD ALBUM (In the Red)
William Hooker “The Spirits Return” from Radiation CD ALBUM (Homestead)
Rova Saxophone Quartet “Thats How strong” from The Removal of Secrecy LP ALBUM (Metalanguage)
ANP “Live in Binsparck Tokyo 2003” from Absolut Null Punkt CD ALBUM (Important)
zZz “Ecstasy” from the Sound of zZz (Howler)
Keith Fullerton Whitman “Disingenuousness” LP ALBUM
Black Dice “Big Drop” from Beaches and Canyons CD ALBUM (Dfa)
Trevor Wishart “Imago” SINGLE (Pan)
Hazard “Wire Netting” from north CD ALBUM (Ash International)
Seefeel “Seefeel” CD ALBUM (Warp 2011)