FM Broadcasts: January 13, 2011

We continue to catch up to the most current Jukebox Heart broadcast. Meanwhile, here’s what we were doing just a few weeks ago on WZBC, 90.3 FM in the Boston area. Remember, to listen live remotely, you can stream us from WZBC’s website, or you can use the TuneIn Radio app for your smart device and take us with you everywhere…

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Featured Releases:

Jukebox Heart regularly selects one or more releases to be featured during the show. The featured releases have several key selections played on the air and a more in-depth review of the release is presented. For this edition of Jukebox Heart, there were two featured releases:

Featured Release: Dollboy Meets Sone Institute “The Sum and The Difference”
CD EP (Front And Follow)

Comprising seven short tracks, The Sum and The Difference is intended to be heard as one 17 minute piece and although each track has it’s own character there is a definite bluring of edges which makes this feel a very considered work, rather than a collection of tunes put together for the sake of it. A relay like recording approach where material was swapped, reworked and added to, has resulted in both artists being given room to shine. As two very individual voices this could easily have ended up as a sonic battle but there is a subtlety at work here that allows each to explore their own ideas as well as embellish upon the other’s.


Featured Release: Various Artists – District of Noise Volume 3

Sonic Circuits presents District of Noise Volume 3. In celebration of the 2010 festival of out-there sounds, Sonic Circuits has compiled the third edition of this series featuring experimental music of all sorts from the Washington, DC area. Volume 3 comes in two parts; a vinyl LP of 100 locked grooves created by 20 DC area artists, and a companion CD compilation of 21 tracks, many of which use material from the LP as starting points for their compositions. LP artists include BLK W/ BEAR, Blue Sausage Infant, Bushmeat, Borborites, Cash Slave Clique, DC Tunnel Collaborative, Fast Forty, Gestures, Janel & Anthony, Jeff Carey, Leo Svirsky, Many Spaceships’ Solar Jaunt, Mercury Fools the Alchemist, Nine Strings Trio, Pilesar, RDK, Sean Peoples, TL0741, Tone Ghosting, Violet.

Featured Label:

By now, we’ve figured out the importance of independent labels to the proliferation of our beloved music. Jukebox Heart frequently selects an independent label to feature in the show. The criteria for selection are loose and varied, but the most important is the label’s unique vision and execution. This week’s Featured Label is Important Records.

Important’s catalog is so prolific, boasting over 300 releases, that it is impossible to perform due diligence in a single passage of Jukebox Heart. Instead, I chose to feature the tracks most recently listened to in my household. See the playlist below for tracks from the Important Records roster.


Last Trax:

Our Last Trax feature is a single track selected for the closer of the show. It is something special for the listeners who stick with us until the very last moments. This week’s Last Trax is from the mysterious local ensemble The Phenomenological Boys.

Phenomenological Boys – Goodbye, from “Where’s The Magic In Music?”
These are magical home recordings from an magical and mysterious ensemble. They have a prior album on Tomlab from 2002, but the only obvious connections to this are the personnel. Otherwise, it answers no questions, and tells you no lies. Reportedly the band has never played out, so there are no eyewitnesses that the band actually exists. However, I purchased this from Angela herself at her shop in Central Square, but it was the only copy she had, and I don’t know anyone else who has one.


Locust “Jukebox Heart” from Morning Light CD ALBUM (Apollo)
Zurich “The Mastmaker” LP ALBUM (Important)
Dollboy Meets Sone Institute “The Sum and The Difference” CD EP (Front And Follow)
Autodigest “A Compressed History of Every Bootleg Ever Recorded” CASSETTE (The Tapeworm)
Uns “Says #2” from What Does The Brain Have To Do With it? CD ALBUM (CIP)
Bulbs “Salter Path” from Emerald Isle LP ALBUM (Important)
Sun “Help yerself” from I’ll Be the Same LP ALBUM (Important)
Holy Sons “I’m Surrounded” from Criminal’s Return CD ALBUM (Important)
Holy Sons “Drifters Sympathy” CD ALBUM (Important)
The Mamuthones “In The Wood” from Sator CD ALBUM (Boring Machine)
Lawrence English “Without Sanctuary” from Incongruous Harmonies 7-INCH SINGLE (Touch)
Philip Jeck and Marcus Davidson “London Tenderberry” from Spliced 7-INCH SINGLE (Touch)
Headdress “The Lost White Brother” from Lunes CD ALBUM (No Quarter)
Angel “Bones in the Sand” from Kalmukia CD ALBUM (Editions Mego)
Various Many selections from District of Noise Volume 3 100 Lock Grooves LP ALBUM
BLK w/Bear “Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Outta Your Name” from District of Noise Volume 3 CD Album
Sean Peoples “Alton” from District of Noise Volume 3 CD Album
Black Dice “Seabird” from Beaches and Canyons CD ALBUM
Young People “The Mountain” (Too Pure)
Simpatico “School Life” from The Difference Between Alone and Lonely CD ALBUM (Matinee)
The Fitness “Call Me For Together” from Call Me for Together CD ALBUM
The Gossamer Years “Subway Assailant” CASSETTE ALBUM (A State Of Flux)
Soviet “Candy Girl” from We Are Eyes, We Are Builders CD ALBUM (Head)
Phenomenological Boys “Goodbye” from Where’s The Magic In Music? CD-3, private release.

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