A new look and new features on Jukebox Heart

Today I’m announcing that the Jukebox Heart podcast/blog/website has been newly redesigned. In addition to the readability issues I had with the lovely layout, I’ve added some additional funtionality that is sure to make you want to linger on the site for a while.

First is the inclusion of what I’m calling raveclips. These are linked-image boxes on the JukeboxHeart.com website that may each be clicked to launch a special window overlay that enables you to watch a video. At any given time, there will be four raveclips to choose from. I’m launching this feature with videos from the familiar Wire, Sigur Ros and Sonic Youth and one lesser known video by the band Cubsimo Grafico. These items are not podcast, and can only be accessed on the Jukebox Heart site.

The next feature is “The Pulse”, an on line mp3 playlist of content only available at Jukebox Heart. You can launch the player anytime you are on line and then visit another window and do other stuff while you have it playing in the background. Currently playing on The Pulse is an archival radio program of mine from WZBc, from April of 2003. WZBC has a feature program called “Test Pattern” where WZBC DJ’s guest hosted a program featuring in-depth programming of a single artist. This show highlights the work of obscure UK band “Five or Six”, some of whose members went on to form the well known Spring Heel Jack. As with the raveclips feature, this material is not podcast and only accessible directly from the Jukebox Heart website.

Watch for these features to be updated regularly, and for more fetaures to be added in the future. And, of course, more downloadable podcasts.