Cassettera: MUUDO

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One of the most mysterious artists ever, I received these cassettes anonymously over a period of a year. No return address, no information, just the cassette packaging you see in the image. I loved the whole 80’s cassette counterculture for precisely this reason. Madmen and geniuses lurking in their bedrooms producing passionate, urgent music. While the fidelity here is low, and the execution is less than, shall we say, produced, the notion of producing menacing choral music from cheap synth banks was captivating – especially given that there are apparently many, many hours of this in this artist’s archive.

Each tape consists of two 30-minute plus sidelong compositions of eerie, ethereal and even frightening music, with no title information other than a three-digit code. The track presented here is excerpted from “69M”.

(P.S. “Cassettera” rhymes with “et cetera”…)