With a little common sense employed, the Jukebox Heart blog and website have been consolidated, and migrated to a web address that makes more sense. If you are subscribing via feedburner, you will need make no change. To store the current Jukebox Heart website, please update your bookmark to: http://www.jukeboxheart.com.

All of the entries earlier than this have been imported from the former site. The original site will remain intact until the spring of 2008, as a courtesy. Thanks!

Jukebox Heart Podcasts

I’m Paul Collegio,  operator of the Jukebox Heart.

This is a podcast in the spirit of Freeform Radio in the early days of FM, updated for a new century.

Archival FM radio broadcasts, previous mixes and other rare stuff will also be filtered through the Jukebox Heart for you to download to your podcatcher…

Watch this space for more details.

Meanwhile, browse the Moonlight Radio on-line eZine where you can listen to music and read about the artists, search the archive over the past four years, and more.

What’s in your iPod??