The Bloggerhood

Anyone who has ever run a blog, especially individual personal blogs, understands just what a love/hate relationship it is. You love getting your ideas across, you love exposing others to things YOU love, you love designing and redesigning your site, and you love feedback. You hate the fact that in order to make it happen requires work. A LOT of it. And it has to be consistent, because you can be forgotten about in a moment.

It’s no surprise that after a length of time doing it, individuals become discourage, lose interest or life itself just gets in the way and the fervor dies, and the new postings stop. Before long, entering the URL results in the sadness of seeing a “This Site Available!” ad with no forwarding address. Ugh.

So, it was time for Jukebox Heart to review our Bloggerhood – Who’s still here and who’s moved on. Who’s new, and who’s not so new but new to you.

Sadly, we say goodbye to Dick Destiny, IMotorAway, Little Hits, OxPopuli and Pehr. Pehr is especially painful because when they were in existence, they were also a wonderful independent label producing really great CDs.

I’ve added several others whose offerings will make you very happy. Welcome our new friends by clicking on the Bloggerhood menu in the sidebar at right and visiting our new friends and downloading something already! Welcome Ad Nauseum, Kapotte Muziek, Nostalgie de la Boue, and The Thing On Your Doorstep. As always, let me know if a link stops working, or if you have a great one you think should be on my list.

Updates to Jukebox Heart

You may have noticed a change in the appearance of Jukebox Heart.

We were running a very old version of WordPress, and because of an attempt to hack the site, I had to update the site to the most recent version.

Unfortunately, the template I was using is not compatible with the current version of WordPress, and all of the custom mods I made for were lost. The video functionality and “Press to Play” archival radio program feature have been temporarily suspended until I can complete similar modifications to make them work in the current configuration. Meanwhile, our main posts are working just fine, so please continue to enjoy these podcasts.

Administrativia: Jukebox Heart now on Twitter and on Yor Smartphones Everywhere.

Jukebox Heart is now on Twitter. Follow us @Jukebox_Heart

Note: You soooo need that underscore, otherwise you will be getting tweets from JukeboxHeart about Britney Spears…


Flash-enabled smartphones can access all the Jukebox Heart media from the browser on their cell phones. It works best on ‘Droids. Iphones and Windows 7 will need to have a flash player app installed, and they are somewhat limited…

Jukebox Heart Downtime

Hey. Sorry if you got a white-page when you searched for Jukebox Heart. Some glitch happened over at the hosting company, and it has ben resolved now. I’ve been out of town, so I don’t know exactly how long JBH was down, but we are back on line as of just a moment ago.

Carry on!


Jukebox Heart is now on Facebook.

You can now add Jukebox Heart to your Facebook experience.

Just visit the Jukebox Heart Group when you are logged into Facebook, and subscribe. It’s that easy. The Group has its own wall for discussion and a special place for news directly from the Jukebox Heart webmaster.

You may also import the Jukebox Heart blog into your Facebook Notes application. Just go to the application, click “My Notes”, enter into the Web URL window, click the “Start Importing” button, and it will start importing automatically. From there, you will receive all the updates of the Jukebox Heart blog directly into your Facebook Notes application. You will only receive the blog updates, though; all of the other features are available only at the website.

iTunes question and other administrativia.

I have several podcatcher applications running, just to make sure that all the content I am putting out there makes it into your hands. I’ve recently noticed that if I post multiple files in a given blog entry, iTunes only publishes the first file it encounters.

JuiceĀ  (formerly iPodder) and others catch each of the files in every entry.

Any ideas on how to fix this in iTunes? I haven’t been able to find a switch in any of the iTunes settings options to fix this, so I have a feeling it is less obvious than I was hoping…


The other thing is that the feed service I am using only keeps the previous ten entries on available. I never remove any content from Jukebox Heart, and there is a lot more to be had than the last ten blog entries worth. To get access to all of it, especially if you are a new subscriber, you will have to visit regularly!

A new look and new features on Jukebox Heart

Today I’m announcing that the Jukebox Heart podcast/blog/website has been newly redesigned. In addition to the readability issues I had with the lovely layout, I’ve added some additional funtionality that is sure to make you want to linger on the site for a while.

First is the inclusion of what I’m calling raveclips. These are linked-image boxes on the website that may each be clicked to launch a special window overlay that enables you to watch a video. At any given time, there will be four raveclips to choose from. I’m launching this feature with videos from the familiar Wire, Sigur Ros and Sonic Youth and one lesser known video by the band Cubsimo Grafico. These items are not podcast, and can only be accessed on the Jukebox Heart site.

The next feature is “The Pulse”, an on line mp3 playlist of content only available at Jukebox Heart. You can launch the player anytime you are on line and then visit another window and do other stuff while you have it playing in the background. Currently playing on The Pulse is an archival radio program of mine from WZBc, from April of 2003. WZBC has a feature program called “Test Pattern” where WZBC DJ’s guest hosted a program featuring in-depth programming of a single artist. This show highlights the work of obscure UK band “Five or Six”, some of whose members went on to form the well known Spring Heel Jack. As with the raveclips feature, this material is not podcast and only accessible directly from the Jukebox Heart website.

Watch for these features to be updated regularly, and for more fetaures to be added in the future. And, of course, more downloadable podcasts.


Fixes and Stuff.

A lot of things have happened in the last week here at

First, I updated the theme. It’s a lot more readable and has a lot more functionality. But I had to update the wordpress client to 2.3.3 in order to do that. The combination of the two things broke a lot of stuff. The only thing visible to you would be that the comments feature was not working. I fixed that.

I also added a new feature, called The Pulse. See the new tab above the header. It’s an mp3 player with a playlist you can only listen to while visiting Jukebox Heart. The playlist up now is just a test; I’ll have a real one up by the weekend. So come and hang out…

Remember, you can also subscribe to the Jukebox Heart RSS feed within LiveJournal, and you can also view the podcast content in the Jukebox Heart myspace page.