FM Broadcasts: WZBC, December 16, 2010

Still Life with Kazoo and WZBC.
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Jukebox Heart is guest hosting on WZBC during the winter break at Boston College, filling in for vacationing DJs. It has been five long years since I last operated the soundboard at WZBC, and it took a little while to reacquaint. But I had the privilege of following Susanna Bolle of Rare Frequency, whom I followed regularly as a permanent DJ on WZBC until 2005.


Locust – Jukebox Heart (Morning Light, Apollo, 1997)
Zoe Irvine & Helen Douglas – Illiers-Combray Disc 1(Illiers-Combray, Weprodutions, 2004)
Hurray – Selections from I Am My Own Worst Enemy (LP, Modern Claire, 2008)
Brady Cranefield – Backwards (Correlated Rotations, Artspeak, 2005)
Lucky Dragons – Selections from F uxux 010 (7″ single, English Muffin Records, 2000)
IRM – Four Studies for Crucifixion (10″ EP, Cold Meat Industry, 2000)
A-Frames & Climax Golden Twins – New Punk 4(self-titled EP, Dirty Knobby, 2005)
Human Flesh – Meditation and Fears: Th Fourth Day (Songs For The Victims (Of A Decaying Country), EE Tapes, 2006)
Andy Nice – Somebody Take Me Home (The Secrets of Me, Front & Follow, 2010)
A. P. E. – I Haven’t Had The Chance (7″ Single, Electric Tones, 1999)
Moloko – Dominoid (All Back to the Mine, Echo, 2001)
Pitchtuner – Hands Up (Wanton Fever, Doxa Records, 2003)
Pastacas – Ing (Dehemardik Datis, Kohvirecords, 2002)
AM/PM – 1 (The End, Dreck, 2003)
Elite Barbarian – Tropic(It’s Only When You Get To The End That It All Makes Sense, Front & Follow, 2009)
The Slow Life – Levity (Be Not Afraid, 2008)
Lake – Sudden Whim (Mike & Beth Forever, Lathe cut Box Set, PIAPTK, 2010)
Wand – Oh, Susanna & Dive (Haunting The Stagecoach, PIAPTK, 2009)
Southerly – Selections from Best Dressed and Expressionless (Lathe Cut 2×10″, PIAPTK, 2007)
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone – Selections from STSNC Soundtrack(7″ Single, PIAPTK, 2008)
Gary War – Reality Protest (7″ Single, Sacred Bones, 2009)
Children’s Hospital – Selections from Alone Together (CD, Sacred Bones, 2008)
Zola Jesus – Devil Take You (The Spoils, Sacred Bones 2009)
Rothko – Origlio Night time 2000 (1997 And Other Things, download only, 2009)
Rothko – Be Invisible (Eleven Stages of Intervention, Bip Hop, 2007)
Zoe Irvine & Helen Douglas – Illiers-Combray Disc 2(Illiers-Combray, Weprodutions, 2004)


Illiers Combray & Helen Douglas, Zoe Irvine
Yarrow, Scotland: Aeolus and Weproductions, 2004

Sound artist Zoë Irvine and visual artist Helen Douglas collaborate to create a richly textured, multi layered soundscape composition (2 CDs: Irvine) and ornately interwoven visual narrative (2 sided concertina book: Douglas), exploring a sense of memory and place. Inspired in the month of May by a week long visit to Illiers Combray, the small town immortalized by Marcel Proust in his epic novel In Search of Lost Time, Irvine and Douglas weave together their own distinct mythologies and reveries; their subjective responses elliptically united by their shared sense of place. It was released as a double mini CD and artist book in 2004 and reworked as a sound walk for the Berwick Film Festival in 2006. This edition of Jukebox Heart is flanked by both recordings played in full at the beginning and end of the show. Below are some page spreads from the book.


Front and Follow – Recently featured as Part 1 of a label spotlight on Jukebox Heart, tonight’s show featured three tracks from the label’s catalog. We are very excited about the music coming out of this label and look forward to future relases.

Sacred Bones Records – Based in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, this label has an aggressive release schedule with some very choice artists on the roster such as Zola Jesus, Gary War and other less known but astonishing artists. They also have a great reissue series happening as well, and almost all of their records begin their lives as specially packaged editions, so you have to act fast…

People In A Position TO know – Just as the label name says, you sorta have to be in that coveted spot to obtain his releases. Run by a guy whose budget should only be as big as his heart, Mike Dixon. His label specializes in super-limited run (we’re talking sometimes as low as ten copies…) handmade releases in lathe cut format on the most unexpected media imaginable. You really have to see it to undertand it. We featured a recent release of his a few months ago, and a follow-up article focusing on the rest of his label will follow soon as well.


Rothko‘s Mark Beazley announced earlier this year that Rothko will cease its activities. For 13 years Rothko has produced some of the most divine and graceful music, so it would be all too selfish to lament this announcement rather than to express appreciation for all the gorgeous music left behind. Throughout the show tonight we listened to tracks from Rothko and from the current projects of other Rothko members. Next time Trace Recordings, a label established in 2003 by Mark Beazley, will be among our featured labels.

FM Broadcasts: WMFO 1985

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While you can always find an archival FM broadcast up on the Press To Play button, Jukebox Heart periodically features one here in the main page. And this is a classic from 1985. These are among the earliest surviving cassettes. Shows from 1978 through 1982 or so were recorded sporadically on reel to reel, and were always victim to a finicky Otari in the BU AM studio. These early cassettes are spotty and have a lot of drop out, but still sound surprisingly good for 25 year old cassette tapes.

Some features on the show you’ll have to search for:

Heny Cow, The Camberwell Now, early Sonic Youth, WZBC’s own O-Positive (with the final mix of With You which we were playing off a demo for years…finally on Chuck Warner’s Throbbing Lobster label…), Regressive Aid (which turned out to be an important node in indy rock history, whose band members featured three artists before they went to play in popular national acts: Andrew Weiss – bass (pre – Ween, Henry Rollins Band, Butthole Surfers, Yoko Ono, many others) Sim Cain – drums (pre – Rollins Band, Ween, Eliot Sharp, many others) E. William Tucker – guitar (pre – Scornflakes, KMFDM, Ministry, Pigface, Revolting Cocks, Chris Connelly, 16 Volt, Foetus, many others) You probably heard that first on *my* show. Ha! And lots more…

Download it for your very own here

You hardcore types will notice that some of the now very rare records in the table in front of me include records by Pseudocode and Jules Baptiste. Easy question: Can you name the record I’m holding in my hands? Yes, that’s me in the photo…just a kid. *wink* That glazed-over look in my eyes? Notice the clock says it’s almost 4 o’clock — AM. My show ran on WMFO from Sunday mornings from 2AM to 6AM from 1983 through 1988…

FM Broadcast November 1, 2000

This is an archival podcast of one of my FM Broadcasts. It’s from November 1, 2000.
It was broadcast from the studios at Boston College radio, WZBC – FM, locally transmitting at 90.3 MHz. Also streaming from

In those days, the show was named “Radio Isotope”, though it was always part of the evening avant garde programming called “No Commercial Potential”, Boston’s oldest continuously broadcast avant garde music programming.

(Brian (right) and Me, circa 2004, WZBC air studio)

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Radio Isotope Playlist for November 1, 2000:

Environments series:
*Psychologically ultimate Seashore
superimposed with with Lord of the Flies soundtrack
“After The Storm”
*Bruce gilbert – Instand Shed Volume 2 double 7″
*Nonplace rban Field – minimalism
*Regressive Aid – Years and Years/Abominable
*Powerman – The Lost Tribe
*Jerry Leek
*Crash Worship – Flow / Pillar of Fire
*Can – Future Days
*Beaver and Krause
*Climax Golden Twins – Dream Cut Short In The Mysterious Clouds
*Pomassl – Soundrack Number 2
*Come – Come Sunday / Shaved Slits
*Unrest Work and Play
*Scala – Still, from To You In Alpha
*Electric Enigma, The VLF Recordings of Steven P. McGreevy.
*Konet Project selections
*Voice Crack Shock-Late
*Conrad Schnitzler & Giancarlo Toniutti – Kynak

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About the artists:

Bruce Gilbert – founding member of Wire. My Hero.
Nonplace Urban Field – one of the projects of Burnt Friedman.
Regressive Aid: Rare as hell local New Jersey 6-song 12″ from 1983 featuring three artists before they went to play in popular national acts !!! Andrew Weiss – bass (pre – Ween, Henry Rollins Band, Butthole Surfers, Yoko Ono, many others) Sim Cain – drums (pre -Rollins Band, Ween, Eliot Sharp, many others) E. William Tucker – guitar (pre – Scornflakes, KMFDM, Ministry, Pigface, Revolting Cocks,Chris Connelly, 16 Volt, Foetus, many others)
Powerman – Funky No Wave era New York band, in-line with the sensibilities of the now legendary Liquid Liquid.
Crash Worship – Crash Worship’s live shows are infamous for their unrivalled chaos and unlimited celebration. Led by a strong trio of drummers, the band creates an atmosphere of bacchanalia. Their recordings explore different aspects of rhythm and psychedelia.Crash Worship sometimes appears with ADRV appended to their name, meaning Adoration De Rotura Violenta (“Crash Worship” in Spanish).
Can – German pioneers of kraut rock and electronics. Formed in late 60s’ and started to experiment with psychedelic music and free jazz, eventually were joined by singer Kenji “Damo” Suzuki and turned their sound towards a crazy mixture of improvisation, noise, mantra and funk rhythms. “Tago Mago” (1971), “Ege Bamyasi” (1972) and “Future Days” (1973) is their trilogy of masterpieces.
Beaver and Krause – For better or worse, Paul Beaver and Bernie Krause probably had more to do with introducing the synthesizer into rock music than anyone else.
Climax Golden Twins – An experimental music duo based in Seattle, often involving a wide range of artists and sound styles for any given project. Their work also includes soundtracks, scores for choreography, gallery installations, and live performances (including an opening performance in 1998 for Sonic Youth.
Franz Pomassl lives and works in Jaidhof and Vienna. Pomassl operates at the borders of the human auditive perceptional system, working on its expansion. He surpasses the given auditive parameters of technical equipment and explores possible limitations of acoustic perception by denying them. This permanent confrontation between the logos of the machine and human intuition underlies many of his projects.
Come – The Come Organisation was a record label founded in London in 1979, initially as a vehicle for the group Come. In 1978 Come had recorded their first single, Come Sunday/Shaved Slits, and were unable to find a label willing to release it. Influenced by Industrial Records (Thobbing Gristle’s label) and Ralph Records (The Residents’ label), William Bennett opted to self-release the single. Come ceased to exist in 1980 (even though the I’m Jack LP was released in 1981) as the band morphed into Whitehouse. Come Organisation would become known as a specialisist label in extreme electronic music, showcased by the releases of Sutcliffe Jugend and Leibstandarte SS MB in addition to Whitehouse. The label ceased to exist in 1985, after the release of the classic Whitehouse LP Great White Death, owing to several factors, the principal one being the temporary dissolution of Whitehouse and several key people leaving London as a place of residence. Bennett would later reform the label under the new name of “Susan Lawly”.
Unrest, Work and Play – The first 12″ EP by this Brit duo who sounded like a cross between This Heat and classic era Magic Band, being totaly original at the same time. Just guitar, drums and singing. Right there with the best of their time (Heat, The Work, L.Voag). Imagine living next door to your favourite band… Perhaps the purest of their three releases (one more EP and a LP for Recommended). Incredible & got to be heard!
Scala – Line-up is Justin Fletcher, Daren Seymour and Sarah Peacock (all from Seefeel) with Mark Van Hoen (Locust), patron saint of the Jukebox Heart podcast.
Electric Enigma – For the first time in history, the sounds of the Aurora Borealis and the EMF discharges of lightning bolts bouncing and stretching through the earths magnetosphere have been captured recorded and presented to the public in this ground breaking double CD set. Everyone has seen or has at least heard of the hauntingly beautiful Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights but only a select and elite few have experienced their spectacular, compelling and beautiful sound.
Konet Project – Among the most popular and most viable theories is that the Numbers Stations are a covert means by which government spy agencies use to maintain contact with their operatives. Another theory is that these are the messages of drug smugglers. Four CDs in this collection with a huge book explaining it. It seems to have become all hush hush once again… Sssssh!
Voice Crack – Andy Guhl und Norbert Möslang, classic Voice Crack, released in 2000.
Giancarlo Toniutti & Conrad Schnitzler – two very prolific artists coming together from seemingly incompatible platforms.
Shut-Up! – formed from mebers of The Girls, a boston legend.