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BBW_saxmanAdding another link to the Jukebox Heart bloggerhood. BeBop Wino is a terrific site focusing on “Honkers and Screamers, Be-Boppers and Doowoppers, Rockers, Rollers and Boogie Woogie Jukebox Chicks”. It provides a huge supply of downloads for postwar blues, doo wop and rhythm & blues. The downloads are supplemented by richly detailed information about the artists, the tracks, the sessions and just everything, including references for additional recordings for you to hunt out.

I discovered it after I landed a beat up copy of the original Aladdin pressing of The Best of The Five Keys. I googled the album and the first link that came up was to the BeBopWino blog describing the album. A little more cruising through the blog and it was obvious we had to link to it.

If you are a fan of this fine mid-20th century music, then add this to your list of must-reads.

Recovering long forgotten music…

Cover for Neon LP In yesterday’s Blogroll post, I mentioned some old blogs that are no longer active and have been deleted from the blogroll. I also mentioned some new additions.

For today, I saved the discussion for those blogs whose owners are burnt out on blogging, or whom, for other reasons, are no longer adding content.

One such site is No Longer Forgotten Music, who have been posting some of the BEST long-lost music on the site for years. I recently logged in to find the dreaded “Final Entry” notice, and noticed that a lot of the links were no longer functional. As it turns out, NLFM are not taking any of their links down, but many of them are on shared service sites that no longer operate.

Jukebox Heart has been in contact with No Longer Forgotten Music, and they have agreed to let us post the links that no longer work there. So, I’ll be feverishly researching his site for the broken links, and will be bringing them to you here on Jukebox Heart. Jukebox Heart is very grateful to No Longer Forgotten Music for allowing us to bring this music to you.

The first item I’m sharing here with you is the album by Neon, “A Day In The Land of Lost Horizons”. From the NLFM website: Neon were a four piece band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands, who, as far as I know only recorded this 12″, one of the two releases on Subdivision, a side label of Torso. The other one, by Phantom Limb, was posted by Phoenix Hairpins a while back. Music that is a bit lighter than Joy Division, and sounded like The Cure area ‘Seventeen Seconds’.

Here is a sample track.

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Download Full Length

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The Bloggerhood

Anyone who has ever run a blog, especially individual personal blogs, understands just what a love/hate relationship it is. You love getting your ideas across, you love exposing others to things YOU love, you love designing and redesigning your site, and you love feedback. You hate the fact that in order to make it happen requires work. A LOT of it. And it has to be consistent, because you can be forgotten about in a moment.

It’s no surprise that after a length of time doing it, individuals become discourage, lose interest or life itself just gets in the way and the fervor dies, and the new postings stop. Before long, entering the URL results in the sadness of seeing a “This Site Available!” ad with no forwarding address. Ugh.

So, it was time for Jukebox Heart to review our Bloggerhood – Who’s still here and who’s moved on. Who’s new, and who’s not so new but new to you.

Sadly, we say goodbye to Dick Destiny, IMotorAway, Little Hits, OxPopuli and Pehr. Pehr is especially painful because when they were in existence, they were also a wonderful independent label producing really great CDs.

I’ve added several others whose offerings will make you very happy. Welcome our new friends by clicking on the Bloggerhood menu in the sidebar at right and visiting our new friends and downloading something already! Welcome Ad Nauseum, Kapotte Muziek, Nostalgie de la Boue, and The Thing On Your Doorstep. As always, let me know if a link stops working, or if you have a great one you think should be on my list.

Bloggerhood: Love and Mathematics

New addition to the Jukebox Heart bloggerhood: Love and Mathematics.

Love and Mathematics is run by WZBC – DJ Peter Ireland and in addition to providing CD reviews and links to videos and such also provides excellent coverage of Boston’s local music. Click on the link in the Bloggerhood column at right and check it out…

Blogroll: I Heart Noise

Oh yeah. This is the shit.

I Heart Noise is one of Boston’s coolest kids in the bloggerhood. With recent interviews and downlod tidbits from Female Demand, FEASTofFETUS and more, and a pretty big archive, there’s bound to be a lot of stuff you don’t know about, but should, all up in there. So go visit…

Blogroll: Two new additions to Jukebox Heart’s Bloggerhood

Non Event is an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting experimental music performances in Boston. Visit the site to see what is planned for the upcoming weeks, and you will immediately be impressed by – and ultimately grateful for – the work these people are doing. It’s absolutely essential, and you’ll be wondering how you navigated in Boston without it.

Rare Frequency is an invaluable resource, supporting one of the most important radio programs in Boston, Rare Frequency, hosted by Susanna Bolle, which airs on WZBC, 90.3 FM, in Newton Massachusetts. Rare Frequency also hosts the Susanna’s extensive archive of music journalism and provides many links to other valuable resources for the music we love.

Label Spotlight: Junior Aspirin Records

This particular podcast has involved the most planning of any that I’ve done until now. I think this is because this particular label offers an unprecedentedly diverse catalog, and picking represenative tracks proved to be a daunting task. From the urgent, spasmodic and absolutely stunning post-artpunk of Skill 7 Stamina 12 to the naked ramblings of Bob Parks to the Film Noir soundtracks of Dan Fox to the stretching freeform of Advanced Sportswear to the violent poetics of Emily Wardill and all of the one-off tracks on the Remove Celebrity Centre compilaton, Junior Aspirin Records has made the task of cleanly classifying it all but impossible and of making an accurate representation not much easier.

By now, the memory of how I first encountered Junior Aspirin is lost in the gluttonous haze of having consumed the entirety of the label’s output. But I do remember being so impressed with what I heard that I immediately wrote to the label hoping to hear more. What you will hear when you click the arrow below results from six months of conversations between Andy, co-founder of Junior Aspirin, and myself.

In addition to this podcast, be sure to check out the 4 Junior Aspirin videos above.

And finally, be sure to keep up with Junior Aspirin by subscribing to their news and podcasts.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The list of tracks, in order of appearance, is included below. For images, links and more detailed information, scroll down and click “Read More!”

The Rebel – Soar Throat
Bob Parks – Chair
Advanced Sportswear – Mirror Script Floating Ghost
Dan Fox – Buffoon Mutaton
Emily Wardill – A Lake of Blood
Skill 7 Stamina 12 – Platform
Socrates That Practices Music – Spritza Boy
Bob Parks – South Central
Mysterius Horse – Mysterius Horse
Same Things – Toothache
God In Hackney – God In Hackney/Nasal Sex Joke
Skill 7 Stamina 12 – Robotics With Strings
The Rebel – Billy Mackenzie, I Wish He Were Still Alive!
Bob Parks – Spiritual/Chair (reprise)
Jukebox Heart Surprise Guest Cameo Appearance
Andy’s Jukebox Heart ID. (Thanks Andy!)

Images, links and more info below the cut.

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Blogroll: Subway-Detour – Where Fabulous Lives…

If you spend even 1% of your record collecting hours searching the mildewy stacks in the basements of thrift stores looking for those fabulous lounge-music essentials from the 50s, 60s and 70s, then this blog is crucial. Subway-Detour brings all this and more in fully downloadable zip-files, complete with artwork. Really great…

Also included is their own extensive link listing of like minded blogs. Just divine.

Here’s the link for your convenience:

but its in our permanent blog roll at right…

New Blogroll adds to check out.

I’ve added two new blog links the the Jukebox Heart family blogroll. Definitely check them out.

The Pehr Label blog is brought to us by the folks behind the struggling Pehr Records label. Their website promises they are just reorganizing and will be back sometime soon, but they’ve been gone way too long and it has definitely left a big hole in my poor little heart. The blog doesn’t talk much about the label, but it does present some insight about some of their artists.

I learned about No Longer Forgotten Music from reading the Phoenix Hairpins blog, and man do those guys dig deep into the musical obscurity abyss. This is a place to go to find ancient and long out of print underground noise cassettes – the kind you thoiught You’d Never Miss Until You Lost The Only Known Copy In Your World…and yes, that has happened to me. Last night I downloaded the Durchschnittsanfall double cassette release, originally released by Prion Tapes god knows how long ago; I was stunned to see it there. I had a copy once upon a time but it vanished during one of my moves from one state to another. So, yes, it’s a place to meet only the most obsessive among us. *wink* As I type this, they just uploaded “The Invisible Man” LP from Z’ev. That and Production and Decay are the only two I am missing. Guess where I’m going next…

Yet Another Obsession: Phoenix Hairpins

A friend just pointed me to the Phoenix Hairpins blog, and I was so excited that I had to add it to my own blogroll and alert you to its existence as well.

Yes it’s another music blog, and it operates in ways similar to Jukebox Heart. In fact, if you like Jukebox Heart, you’ll LOVE Phoenix Hairpins. It has been in existence since late 2006, and there are several hundred entries, each with images of and links to rare and out of print recordings of the punk/postpunk era and all of the related genres. Definitely worth many visits. Consider this a chance to clean up your hard drive – you are definitely going to need the room!